Sword and Sorcery Central is NOT a membership site!

Gasp! EEK! Say it ain't so!  Can't - it's true.  NO MEMBERSHIPS.

But... but... but... Relax...it's simple - it's a one time buy.  We call it ISSUE BASED.  That means that you buy it - you've got 30 days to download it - and it's a done deal.  See?  Simple!

But...w..why?  Equally simple - time and money.  We're the people that bring you Catfight Central and Space Babe Central.  They take about 101% of our time.  But...we don't want to get stale - ever - so we find it's a good thing to try something new occasionally.  Fantasy barbarian perverts and magic?  Too damn cool.  We had to do it!  And of course it's for grown-ups.  ONLY.

But.. no membership?  Nope - we just don't have the time to take on another weekly update.  So here's our solution: a completely self-contained Web Magazine, a Webazine.  Every story is included in it's entirety.  Complete.  Every single page.  No "continues."  Get the idea? (Took me a while.)  It just isn't natural.

Yeah... but... what...  ...does the future hold for Sword and Sorcery Central?  We'll see.  It could be an ISSUE BASED deal published a few times a year.  Or maybe we'll call it a one-off and never do it again.  It might even blossom into our newest member site.  You're the judge and jury.

If you enjoy it like we do - we'll do it again.

Uh... okay. But... how... ...do you get it?  Easy - purchase online and you get access for 30 days to download it ALL.  Or just flip through the pages online for the full thirty days.  And the movie...  Get the mid-sized version now and grab the hi-res later.  We even broke it down to several clips to facilitate downloads.

Uh... okay.  So what do I get?  The largest collection of themed ADULT artwork that we've ever offered.  AND our 43 minute long feature movie.  And you get it at a screamin' deal price.  There's even a bargain upgrade to online access and a CD/DVD combo package!

So click on the buttons and check out the samples here.  Or if you've already done that then just hit the "Buy" button!

One last thing Members make the world go round at our sites.  Period.  Even though this is a new project, we're offering a major price break to members of CatfightCentral, SpaceBabeCentral and DanO's roudy crowd at SuperheroineCentral.  If it weren't for you guys - SwordandSorceryCentral wouldn't be possible.  Details below.

The prices for this webazine are as follows:
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CatfightCentral.com, SpacebabeCentral.com, SuperheroineCentral.com, HorrorbabeCentral.com, Deucesworld.com, WorldofSmudge.com

Item Non-member Member Discount
Online access Only $22.50 $17.50
Volume 2 JuggerNaughties $20.00 $15.00

Here are the prices you will pay at this time
Online access Only $22.50
Volume 2 JuggerNaughties $20.00

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